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DK Super Readers Level 2 Dinosaur Dinners

DK Super Readers Level 2 Dinosaur Dinners

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Publication Date: April 4th, 2023
DK Children (US Learning)
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Watch out for some wild weather! Make reading your superpower with DK’s beautiful, leveled nonfiction.

Use your reading superpowers to learn all about what dinosaurs ate - a high-quality, fun, nonfiction reader - carefully leveled to help children progress.
Dinosaur Dinners is a beautifully designed reader all about what your favorite dinosaurs ate and how they hunted for their food.
The engaging text has been carefully leveled using Lexile so that children are set up to succeed. 
A motivating introduction to using essential nonfiction reading skills. 
Children will love to find out about the different dinosaur dinners, from T-Rex’s sharp bone crushing teeth to the plant-based diet of gentle giant Brachiosaurus.

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