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Dancing Devi

Dancing Devi

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Publication Date: February 22nd, 2022
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Devi knows that she's a good dancer. In fact, she's one of the best Bharatanatyam dancers at her dance school. So she's very upset when she learns she's lost the big dance competition. Her mom is a perfect dancer and Devi needs to be, too. Devi vows to practice her facial expressions and footwork until her dance is flawless, but no matter how much she practices, she keeps making mistakes. Come along with Devi as she learns that failure is an important part of learning and growing.

About the Author

Growing up, Bharatanatyam played an important role in Priya Parikh's life. Training as a Bharatanatyam dancer for more than a decade, she completed her Arangetram, a debut performance of her formal dance training, in 2009. Priya's hobbies also include creative writing and singing. She believes that creative expression is vital in the building of an inclusive world, allowing us to appreciate diversity, learn from one another, and embrace our collective humanity. Dejeshwini, an artist based in Chennai, India, spent her early days doodling in her school books and thus stepped into the world of art and imagination. Self-taught, Dejeshwini spends time observing the beauty and aesthetics of life and nature and fills her artwork with emotion and cheer. Dancing Devi is Dejeshwini's 4th children's book and she looks forward to continuing her work for children to enjoy and learn from.

Praise for Dancing Devi

"I absolutely loved this book. I have learned so many valuable lessons of life through dance. We all have felt what Devi does in this book and it's so important to learn from these moments." —Payal Kadakia, Entrepreneur, Dancer and Investor

"The illustrations have an appealing Disney princess quality. Bright cultural touches, like Devi’s mother’s flowing blue sari in the central scene, complement the book’s messages. Vocabulary words are bolded throughout to facilitate learning." —Foreword Reviews