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There Is No Devil: Illustrated Edition (Sinners Duet #2)

There Is No Devil: Illustrated Edition (Sinners Duet #2)

Current price: $17.99
Publication Date: October 7th, 2022
Lark Publishing LLC


Cole and Mara's relationship has grown to consume them both. Cole is experiencing emotions he's never known, while Mara blossoms into a successful artist, shaking off the trauma of her youth.

For the first time in both their lives, they might actually be... happy.

But the past has a long shadow.

Alastor Shaw is the Beast of the Bay, a frenzy-killer who once hoped to share his hunting ground with Cole. When he realizes the cold-hearted Cole has fallen in love, he plans to destroy him, using Mara as his weapon.

Cole will do anything to protect Mara... but is Mara strong enough to protect herself?