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Talons Secret: Lucifer's Saints MC Book One (Part One of the Sinners Duet) Second Chance Romance (Sinners Duet Lsmc Sacramento Chapter #1)

Talons Secret: Lucifer's Saints MC Book One (Part One of the Sinners Duet) Second Chance Romance (Sinners Duet Lsmc Sacramento Chapter #1)

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Publication Date: December 5th, 2022
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"Brotherhood is nothing without loyalty. Loyalty is nothing without trust. We ride together. Fight together. Live and Love together. LSMC Brotherhood for life." -LSMC Creed

Growing up, Gabriella knew the expectations her family had for her. She knew what her future held, but she wanted more. She wanted to experience the world outside of her family's expectations. She tried to find love and create her own life, but fate had other plans.

It's been 17 years since Gabriella stepped foot on Lucifers Saints MC's compound.
When her family tasks Gabriella to do her job, she does it, and she does it well. With this job, she finds herself having to expose a 17-year-old secret. And not just her secrets.

Growing up in the club, Talon knew his family's expectations of him. He wanted to be the best MC president and make his father and club proud. In his younger years, he wanted to experience all there was with being a young MC member, and he did. He wasn't looking for love or to find an ol' lady or become a father, but fate had other plans for him.

The girls whose heart he left broken and battered returns, and things begin to take a turn in Talon's life. Talon never thought that the mistakes from his past would have consequences that would shape his future.

Hate to love them or love to hate them. Talon and Gabriella are far too volatile to live easy lives. Especially when their secret sins come to light, they don't have a simple romance with an easy happily ever after. Because no matter how hard they try, their sins cannot be easily forgiven.

*This is book is part one of the Sinners Duet and the beginning of the LSMC Series. Tonya Ink's books are written so that each story weaves into one another. You will find that the series intertwine and build for a greater experience.

This is the reading order for the best experience.Lucifer's Saint's MC Reading Order

  • Bricks Book1 (Sacramento Chapter Originals)
  • Talon's Secret Book 1 (Sacramento Chapter)
  • Finding Home Book 1 (Mother Chapter)
  • Talon's Redemption Book 2 (Sacramento Chapter) DATE TBD


This book is PART in the Sinners Duet. Some parts of this story contain unconventional speech patterns and language. This book contains graphic violence, abuse/bullying, graphic language, mention of pregnancy loss, and crude humor. Part two ends with the Heroin and two men. This is NOT a standalone novel. This duet is the prequel to Lucifer's Saints MC Sacramento Chapter Next Generation.