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Fox Hunt

Fox Hunt

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You should have stayed on Mars, sweetheart.

The year is 2076. Earth is ruled by a one-world government. In order to maintain unity, all citizens must deny their national, racial, and religious identities—or suffer the consequences.

After a video of her act of insurrection goes viral, seventeen-year-old Philadelphia Smyrna and her family become the government’s most wanted. When she intercepts a radio transmission from her father asking for help, she knows she must find him before the government does. Adopting a fake identity, Philadelphia leaves the safety of Mars and returns to Earth. But the government isn’t the only one looking for her. When her former allies in the underground compromise her position, she realizes she’s become a pawn in a war—and both sides will sacrifice everything, including her family, to find her.

Fox Hunt is the fourth book in the RED RAIN series, a fast-paced Christian sci-fi adventure that’s perfect for fans of THE HUNGER GAMES and LEFT BEHIND.