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History isn’t always written to glorify the victors. Sometimes, it’s written to conceal the truth.

In this novel’s depiction of alternate history military fiction, Sparta still exists today as a technologically advanced, secret civilization dedicated to protecting humankind.

When smallpox is genetically engineered into a bioweapon, Alessa—a warrior in the Spartan military—is sent to collect evidence regarding its origin. After being violently attacked, she awakens with no memory to a world infected with the very virus she had been sent to prevent.

Fueled by rage, Damon, a mysterious Spartan warrior from her past, helps Alessa seek revenge against those responsible for her attack, during which pieces of her memory slowly resurface from the cobwebbed corners of her fragmented mind. As the virus’s death toll rises in this espionage & spy thriller, it’s a race against the clock for her to remember the truth behind the pandemic’s creation.

Glitched is a deliciously dark, spicy thriller, abundant with revenge and romance suspense.

If you’d like to read one of the best action and adventure books with a unique twist on mythology and gods, look no further.